Offbeat Hiring

Gone are the days when organizations relied on annual recruitment planning and traditional selection activities to hire the right kind of talent. For different levels of hierarchy, different recruitment approaches are getting adopted by HR professionals today. Talent Acquisition has taken a modern shape and offbeat hiring practices are becoming more and more common.

A 2013 study by Social times revealed that 92% of participating companies were using social media for hiring and recruitment. At the same time, almost 70% of professionals today claim to have landed their last job through social media platforms. Not only are organizations increasingly relying on social media to identify and engage desirable talent, they are also using the freely available information on social media to rule out ambiguous candidates and select only the best fitting talent.

fishing-for-talent-nipsy-jhamb-blogMost popular social media platforms used for hiring include Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter, which provide ample insights into the personal and professional backgrounds of potential recruits. While these big three continue to be the most preferred medium to screen talent, social platforms like Instagram, Pinterest and even Snapchat are also catching the fancy of recruiters. But what exactly is it that makes these offbeat hiring options viable for talent acquisition professionals? The answer lies in the following benefits –

  • Access to personal information of candidates

Despite the fact that recruitment and selection processes have become aggressively exploratory, there are limits to what a recruiter can ask a potential candidate. But with social media hiring, talent managers are able to readily access personal information of potential candidates. The information available on social platforms often reveal aspects of a person’s life like religious beliefs, political affiliations, opinions and lifestyle choices which can determine their work ethic too.

  • Time and cost saving background check

As such information of potential candidates remains just a click away, social media hiring becomes a time and cost saving option for conducting background checks. More than 40% of employees today add their managers and colleagues in their network over social media platforms. For a new recruiter, it becomes easy to identify the right sources of background check and recommendations online and connect with them.

  • More transparent Psychometric profile

Psychometric profiling is becoming an integral part of hiring process. Even though recruiters are developing innovative tests and simulation based activities to hire the right kind of candidates, social media remains a more accurate and transparent evaluation mode for potential employees. Not only are recruiters known to pay attention to details like substance abuse, social life and interests; they are also known to check volunteer work and social responsiveness of candidates to complete psychometric evaluation.

  • Getting useful referrals

As platforms like Linkedin allow colleagues and associates to leave recommendations on professional and social profiles, it becomes very easy for recruiters to find the right match for their vacancies. Most organizations run referral programs for employees to bring in valuable talent on-board from their own network. Social media hiring makes referral creation much more effective, both for the employees and for the recruiters.

  • Attracts the digitally aware talent

Every year more and more working professionals are realizing the importance of creating digital networks and researching job opportunities online. Even though job sites continue to attract these professionals, social media platforms are also gaining prominence as attractive platforms for generating employment opportunities. Most Fortune 500 companies today include their social media handles and links in their career page. Needless to say, the Gen Y and millennial talent is more comfortable looking for new job prospects on their social media space.


Future trends for offbeat hiring

Despite the fact that most HR processes are getting digitized and hiring is becoming more technology driven, these offbeat hiring practices are more likely to complement traditional hiring rather than replacing those practices completely. Social media is a good pool for sourcing the right talent by companies. But at the same time, social media is consequential to creating employer brand.

With companies struggling with increasing attrition and employees looking for better work culture and organizational environment, recruitment function has become as challenging as sales. As young professionals share their private lives online, they also create a trail of their professional experiences online. Before deciding on a potential employer, candidates have started researching employer brands on social media platforms as well. It definitely isn’t a one way street anymore.

In conclusion, the way forward certainly seems promising with social media hiring giving innovative shape to talent acquisition. But if companies hope to keep on attracting dynamic talent and even retain it, social media hiring would have to mean much more than just screening candidates. Potential candidate engagement, knowledge creation and employer branding would have to go hand in hand with offbeat hiring processes.

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