The Employee Experience is the Future of Work

“Customers will never love a company until the employees love it first.”
– Simon Sinek
Humans are instinctive beings, driven by emotions and sense of perceptions. These things come into play when you enter a workplace for the first time. Whether you are a visitor or a young intern, you will notice and understand the vibe of the workplace simply by observing the behavior of the employees working there. Believe it or not, this affects your corporate hierarchy significantly in the business world.

When you visit a bank and notice unimpressed and lethargic employees trying to fill their working hours without any actual motivation or interest in the work, what is the first thought that crosses your mind? Any novice, as well as an experienced person, would unfailingly notice the stale atmosphere. Moreover, unmotivated employees means that the organization is providing a poor employee experience.

Then the big question looms in front of the organization questioning if the employees are unhappy, will the company be able to make its customers happy? Probably, this is the reason why the question of employee experience is such a huge factor affecting businesses and organizations all over the world.

What does employee experience encompass? Is it only limited till the sector where the employer ensures that their employees are happy and satisfied? Or is there more to the story? Well, there are assortments of things that build these employee experiences, and all of them are crucial for the symbiotic development of the employee as well as the firm.

Let’s start with an understanding of what entails the employee experience index. The employee experience becomes wholesome and positive when they experience:

An employee who doesn’t know his/her purpose in the organization often lacks the motivation to work in the right direction. Their achievement and success rate is slow and also, in turn, reflects badly on the firm’s reputation. One must feel that he/she belongs in their workplace and their work is meaningful else these tedious tasks straight away leads one to the doors of meaninglessness and unhappiness.

A person caught in the quagmire of self-doubt, devoid of purpose and vigour is unable to align his or her needs with that of the company’s and breeds an emotion of distrust and hostility. And no matter how beautifully one tries to cover it up, these real emotions reflect in the employee’s body language, attitude towards work as well as the performance on board.

It might be surprising to know, but the facts indicate that employees experiencing all the positive indexes mentioned above are more likely to deliver and showcase higher levels of performance for up to 96%. Besides, if you can accommodate your employees with a healthy and balanced work experience, then the risk of their intention to leave is reduced up to 79%.

Employees should feel empowered and part of the tribe. They should feel confident that their ideas and suggestions matter while having the freedom and flexibility to implement these. The legalities of the firm should not tie the employers to an extent where they feel strangled and hopeless. The organization should always hear their employees out, provide them regular feedback and encourage them enough for while they are making an effort to step up the ladder

The burden of making the workplace environment-friendly often falls upon the Human Resource Department, barring few things that need to be practiced by every individual in the building to maintain a good vibe.

Employees often seek career development opportunities. Hence, the company needs to make sure that their staff does not feel decayed and are learning and growing along with the firm. They also look for certain perks in the form of health insurances, value retirements, paid time offs, ease of commute, on-site fitness centers and also on-site childcare facilities – creche.

The workplace should become more like an interactive and artistic hub rather than a factory to the mindless work machines. Hence, it is paramount for the companies to start converging their attention on the employee experience which in turn affects the customer experience. The employee experience is the future of your company’s growth, and hence everyone in the firm, right from the base of the pyramid to the top level HR department up till the CEO needs to change dynamics of their mindset and working style so that each employee feels motivated, valued and empowered.

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